How to create api key for blogger api in Google api console

How to create api key for blogger api?

Hi there, today I will show you how you can create a api key for your blogger api from Google’s api console.
And there is a bonus for you. If you don’t know where to get your blog id then read this article till the end.
Step No. 1

Go to the official website of Google’s api console from here
And click on ‘api key‘ this looks something like this
After clicking this you need to sighn in to your google account. Remember you need to sign in with the same account that you use to to sign In to blogger. 
Step No. 2

A new popup will come up which says create a new project. 
Click on that .
(I am assuming that you don’t have any api registered yet.)
Now enter the name of your project as you wish. I am naming it as ‘blogger api’ and then Click on next.
and you are all done.
Just copy it and keep it in your safe hands.
But in order to restrict it’s usage you need to go to the api console and restrict it’s permission.
Now come to the second or the bonus part. Now we will see how to get your ‘blog id’ 
How to get your blog id

Just go to and sign in with your google account. chose the blog that you want to fetch. 
Now click on the address bar and you will see somethings like this 
The numbers at the end of this link is your ‘blog id’ this is what you need.
And this is the end of this tutorial. 
Hope you liked this.
Comment below if you have any problem or suggestion.
Thanks for reading. 

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